Investigation reveals nine multi-storey Darwin buildings are non-compliant


April 30, 2019 19:14:03

An investigation into a private Darwin engineer that has been running since 2017 has revealed that a structural component is non-compliant in nine multi-storey residential buildings in the Top End city.

Key points:

  • A Darwin engineer will be referred to the Building Practitioners Board for alleged misconduct
  • An investigation into the engineer was launched in 2017 following a complaint
  • Today owners of nine Darwin buildings were told the transfer slabs of their properties were non-compliant

Today, those who own, live and work in the nine buildings were told of issues with the transfer slabs — a reinforced slab of concrete used to transfer floor loads to the support posts and columns — and were advised to act quickly to assess and remedy the problem.

The NT Department of Infrastructure, Logistics and Planning said the issue can cause structural problems.

However, director of building control Mark Meldrum said, “no determination has yet been made to say the buildings are unsafe”.

“The Department is working with the building owners and body corporates to ensure non-compliance is rectified as soon as possible,” said Mr Meldrum.

“The notice instructs building owners to undertake their own independent review through a qualified engineer registered in the Territory to assess the non-compliant structures, and to quickly undertake any remediation works to achieve compliance in the short-term, while they explore a long-term solution.”

In 2017, Mr Meldrum’s office launched an investigation into the private Darwin structural engineer following a complaint.

A local independent engineering company was then appointed to undertake a review of certain buildings identified during this investigation, with a focus on the transfer slabs, finding all nine were non-compliant.

Following the investigation, the engineer in question will be referred to the Building Practitioners Board for an inquiry into alleged misconduct relating to a pattern of non-compliance with the National Construction Code.

The Board will decide the action to be taken in respect to this referral.

The department could provide no further information about the case, including where the buildings were located.







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