MIC SA appoints former Premier as Honorary Patron

Dean was born in August 1943 and began his career in South Australian politics in 1973 when he was elected to the House of Assembly through the Liberal seat of Davenport.

He was later elected as the 41st South Australian Premier from 1993-96, having served as Leader of the Opposition and Member for Alexandrina (now Finniss) in the House of Assembly, the year prior.

During this time, Dean held a number of important portfolios and top roles that linked him directly to the construction industry, exposing him to the issues of suicide and workplace accidents within the industry. These include:

  • Minister for Industrial Affairs (1979-82)
  • Minister for Public Works (1979-82)
  • Director for Australian Agricultural Consulting and Management Company (1986-92)
  • Minister for Industrial Relations (1996-97)
  • Minister for Human Services – Health, including Mental Health (1997-2002)

He also has considerable experience in board and advisory roles within industries that go hand-in-hand with MATES In Construction, and its goals. These include:

  • Member of the National Youth Mental Health Advisory Board (2006-09)
  • Chairman of Strathalbyn Community Consultative Committee for the proposed zinc mine (2006-07)
  • Chairman of Hillgrove Resources Ltd (2006-17)
  • Non-Executive Director of Scantech International Ltd (2007-17)
  • Non-Executive Director of Mission Australia (2012-present)
  • Chairman of Skills IQ (2016-present)

Dean retired from State Parliament in 2006, but maintains a strong interest in the construction industry and is passionate about promoting a positive and safe workplace culture for employees across the board.

In his role as Honorary Patron, Dean will lobby government at all levels on behalf of the organisation, as well as industry groups, to spike an interest in MATES In Construction training and support programs, raise awareness about the organisation and generate funding opportunities.

We look forward to working with Dean.

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