Every number is a life changed forever

Safe Work Australia’s Chair, Diane Smith-Gander released Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2018 today, with the latest figures in national work-related injuries, diseases and fatalities.

While encouraging Australians to use the trends, comparisons and industry breakdowns within this publication, Ms Smith-Gander urges us to look beyond the numbers.

“Understanding the national work-related injury, disease and fatality statistics can help reduce work-related fatalities, injury, illness and disease”, said Ms Smith-Gander.

“I would like those who read this publication to remember that every number in the publication represents a life changed forever.

“While there is a 47 per cent decrease in the national workplace fatality rate since 2007, there were still 191 workplace fatalities and every worker fatality is one too many” said Ms Smith-Gander.

The data used in Key Work Health and Safety Statistics is sourced from jurisdictions, the National Coronial Information System and the media.

Key Work Health and Safety Statistics is an annual publication. Improvements to this year’s release include hyperlinks and data break downs to make it easier to find the information you want and ‘did you know’ animations to help you spread the word.

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