Safe Work Australia calls for comment on proposed changes to diving work regulations

Safe Work Australia’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Grey invites interested stakeholders to comment on proposed options to amend the model Work Health and Safety Regulations for diving work.

“We are seeking feedback on the likely impact of proposed amendments to diving work regulations” said Ms Grey.

“We want to streamline and clarify the diving work regulations so they can be easily applied across the range of industries involved with diving work.”

Following consultation with the diving industry, training organisations, work health and safety regulators, unions and industry representatives, Safe Work Australia has put forward three options for change in the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement for the Model Work Health and Safety Regulations for Diving Work Review.

The public consultation period is open for six weeks, with submissions to be received before 5.30 pm EST, Friday 30 September 2016. 

For more information visit the diving page on the Safe Work Australia website.

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