PNG ministerial delegation to visit LNG landowners: Petroleum Minister


August 09, 2016 16:37:00

Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will not be going to talk to the thousands of landowners who say they have shut off the gas to ExxonMobil’s conditioning plant in the highlands province of Hela.

They have waited more than two years for their unpaid royalties, which is due after the first shipments of LNG left the province in 2014.

The royalties deal was signed in 2008.

The landowners are now owed more than one billion kina, or more than $400,000, and are demanding that the Prime Minister speak to them in person.

Petroleum and Energy Minister Nixon Duban will lead the delegation of parliamentarians due to visit landowners on Wednesday.

He says the government has the situation under control.

Jemima Garrett

Source: Pacific Beat
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