Fundraising continues repair Broken Hill's Trades Hall


July 06, 2016 11:21:35

Efforts to fund repairs to the historic Trades Hall at Broken Hill are still underway, with the building’s trust applying for government funding.

The city, in far west New South Wales, is considered one of the birthplaces of the modern trade union movement, with the Trades Hall a symbolic centrepiece.

The NSW Department of Public Works has estimated it could cost $500,000 to fully repair the building, which is still suffering from roof damage incurred in a 2009 storm.

Repairs to the roof alone are expected to cost about $120,000.

Trades Hall Trust president Roslyn Ferry said the organisation had applied for an $80,000 NSW Government grant to fund initial stages of the work.

But she said the fundraising task was more difficult because the target amount was fluctuating.

“It would appear we need to now source money to cover the scaffolding of the entire building because it’s of a certain height, and the nature of the work that’s going to be undertaken,” Ms Ferry said.

“So that has blown the cost out [by] some $50,000.”

It was revealed in November the building had not been insured for years because of unaffordable premiums.

‘Won’t take long’ to match donation

Broken Hill City Council offered $20,000 towards the repairs last year, on the condition the amount be matched by the Trades Hall Trust.

Council then rejected a request by the trust for that donation to be made without conditions.

However, Ms Ferry said the organisation was close to being able to match the offer.

“We always go to our affiliates, if they can provide any additional assistance,” she said.

“And we also look to perhaps go into a small business loan that we can manage financially, and always looking at other opportunities to apply for government funding.”

The combined $40,000 would be used to supplement the possible grant money to fund the roof repairs.







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