Toowoomba-Warwick gas pipeline plans shelved


May 26, 2016 11:59:30

The Southern Downs Regional Council has dropped plans for a gas pipeline from Toowoomba, which would allow residents to pipe gas directly to their houses.

The former council began a feasibility study into the $40-50 million pipeline to determine if the cost to council and businesses would be viable.

Southern Downs Mayor Tracey Dobie said a survey of businesses and residents showed the uptake of piped gas would not warrant the cost.

“As a result of the investigations we’ve done we feel now that it’s not feasible,” she said.

“The recommendation to us is that it’s not economically feasible at this time because of the large cost to the council, to the organisations involved and at the end of the day to the users themselves.”

She said the pipeline could be reconsidered in the future.

“At our council meeting we have moved to put this into our next draft of our corporate plan and that’s a 10-year plan, so it’s not going off the agenda at all, it’s just that right now, at this time, we can’t afford it,” she said.






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